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On Mother's Day

Posted 5/11/2014 6:25am by Michael Melillo.

Early Friday Morning our Mama Hen-to-be Penelope birthed two beautiful chicks! And over the next two days she has hatched out two more! Arriving at her nest this Mother's Day morning I was in high anticipation of what mine eyes would see. She was tenderly coddling 4 beautiful peeping chicks with 6 more on the way!  What a way to celebrate Mother's Day!  Two more mama hens-to-be, Whitney and Petunia, are tending ever so diligently to their clutch of eggs due to hatch in the next two weeks as well. And just last week our bee keeper Dicky Lee, upon inspection of the hive noticed, that just after two weeks of establishing the hive, the Queen bee busy at work laying her eggs. A profound occurrence being that, according to Dicky, a Queen doesn't usually begin laying her eggs until at least a month. So he aptly named her "Fertile Myrtle."

When occurrences like these line up it is easy to speculate at fist glance  that these can all be considered matters of coincidence. But regardless of what our human senses can comprehend, it is upon witnessing these seeming coincidences that I reflect on the importance of the situation in my life rather than try to decipher the mystery it poses.  What is it about Mother's that makes this day worth celebrating?  My first impression is how dedicated a mother must be to care and nurture us in the time we are most frail and defenseless. She puts all of her own immediate desires aside and devotes her love and attention  to her youngs perfect health and growth. She is there from the very beginning seeing to every need and putting forth every bit of energy she has towards her new born.  It takes no imagination to realize the depth of her strength to persevere any challenge that raising a new born brings. To see first and most clearly our struggles and limitations and still allow us to right our wrongs, She in her own right is a symbol of perfect love.

Our Penelope has given first life to New Mercies Farm and for this we are bestowed the honor of witnessing the creation of Life. Though home birthing is no simple feat and her challenges to raise her young amidst a dangerous world lay in stone before her she is doing the best she can.  And this is the closing thought I'd like to leave you all with this Mother's Day morning.  Our mother's no matter if she has passed on from our daily embraces or through the challenges of family matters has grown apart from us they are doing the best they can.  No matter what our eyes can see our our minds can understand to the contrary, we are all doing our best to live our lives as peaceful as we can.   


                                                                                      Penelope and her new born chicks on Mother's Day

With Love and Deepest Gratitude,

From all of us here at New Mercies Farm

Happy Mother's Day