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PLEASE NOTE.  We are not offering a CSA in 2015.  Check back in January 2016


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Think of it as a membership where you receive a weekly or bi-weekly box or ‘share’ of vegetables for a given number of weeks.  CSA subscribers don't so much as "buy" food from our farm but rather through membership which help support the financial needs of our farm. In turn we provide your family with the best produce your hard earned dollars can buy. If you believe in the necessity  of  having local family run farms, CSA is one great way to vote with your dollars.  CSA  provide more than just food, they offer ways for families and individuals to become more involved in the ecological and human communities that support the farm.  Over time we hope to develop an intimate relationship with each of our members and between our members through participation in various events held right here on our farm.

Over the last 20 years, the CSA model has grown in  popularity giving families greater access to affordable local and seasonal food. In fact it’s the cheapest way to buy certified organic vegetables.  Our members save  10% off the retail value. By becoming a member you're helping to ensure that the Farmer's crops will be sold far in advance. Your membership also provides the  income the farmer needs to pay for operational costs at the beginning of the season. This gives the farmer increased flexibility to be more creative in the crop planning process. Our members will be introduced to varieties of produce you just cant find anywhere else.  CSA builds community by creating a relationship between Farmer and families.  Developing a relationship with who grows your food is as rewarding as knowing that the food you buy helps to create solutions to our ever burdened environment and local economy.

How Does it work?

Members pick up a box of produce weekly from June 3 - Oct 4 at the location they chose during sign up. We currently offer two pick up sites;

Ashlawn Coffee Farmer's Market Saturdays 9-12

New Mercies Farm Tuesdays from 3-6pm 

 When you arrive at your pick up site you check off your name on the sign in sheet. You then select your produce listed on the "Shares" board from the bins and go on your merry way. Its that simple. Remember to bring tote bags to carry your produce away in.

Can I split a share with someone?

Absolutely!  We ask that you bare the responsibility of coordinating this endeavor. We ask that there be a primary member that will be responsible for making the payments by check. The share must be picked up all at once. To keep the farm stand from overcrowding we ask that you split your share when you leave the stand. Some members may choose to split the share by picking up on alternating weeks. Just be sure to enter the appropriate emails  of all parties when enrolling for membership and that the payment is made by the primary member.


Is there a deadline for signing up?

No. We will automatically prorate your membership cost at the time of sign up. So the cost you see during sign up is the prorated cost.  The cost begins prorating after the first week in June. Bare in mind though that share availability is limited and there is a good chance we will sell out early.

Do you offer alternative payment options?

Yes. By email request we can arrange a payment option that works best for you. Please keep in mind that the CSA model is advantageous to the farmer because he/she can rely on funds at the beginning of the season to cover operating costs like buying seeds and farm materials and farm labor. The CSA is advantageous to you because you receive a 10% discount for making this commitment to us.

What if I cant make a pick up day or go on vacation?

We strongly encourage you to share your share with someone you love. We are perfectly fine with someone coming in your stead so long as you notify us in advance. If no such arrangement can be made we ask that you forfeit your share by filling out our Vacation holds/Forfeiture of Pick Up form at least 3 days in advance. This will save us time and energy and avoid food waste.