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Mission Accomplished

It has taken a long time but at the 3 goals of New Mercies Farm have all been accomplished.  In 2012 we set forth those goals:


To conserve the fields at 256 Beaver Brook Road for agricultural uses

To provide wholesome food for the community

To provide opportunities for young farmers to make a living doing what they love most.


In 2017 we donated the development rights for the farm to the Connecticut Farmland Trust (CFT).  An agricultural conservation easement was transferred to the CFT that assures that that organization will enforce the use restrictions on the property in perpetuity.

On Tuesday July 23, 2019 the farm was sold to the farmers Baylee Drown and Quinn Ryan.

This sale marks the end of our 7 year effort to achieve our goals.  At time it looked like we would not succeed but now we have.

Many thanks to our neighbors, our attorneys at Waller Smith and Palmer and to the Connecticut Farmland Trust for all their efforts and support.

So here's to wholesome food and to the success of Baylee and Quinn.

Rod and Debby Hornbake